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Adfence is an innovative location based mobile advertising solution for Brands, agencies and OOH companies. Wherein, they can pick any location across the globe and geo-fence that with a precise radius that they like and deliver highly targeted ads to the right people at the right time and at the right location. All our inventory is premium opt in with defined let/long + purely on mobile apps and mobile website. In short, advertisers get higher CTR% and better ROI. Also since it is integrated with multiple global publishers our total inventory size is huge and not restricted to any particular ecosystem.

We have a global inventory of over 37 billion impressions on a daily basis and it keeps increasing as more and more inventory is being added every day. For India alone we have approximately 830 million impressions on a daily basis.

We help advertisers.
Target unique location-based audiences by: Pinpointing consumer’s real-time location within a set geo-fence Interacting with them on-premises at key decision-making points Retargeting their mobile devices at a later time

With more relevant ads that: Appear in apps and browsers Video pre-roll ads that get longer viewing times Show exact distance to store or venue Get up to three times higher click-through rates

To: Drive footfall to businesses Expose brands right-in-time Increase in-store conversion rates Build on consumer engagement and loyalty

Right Time, Right Place, Right Audience.
Through location based advertising, AdFence enables advertisers to engage specific communities of interest in an innovative and creative way .

The advertising message is sharply or geo-targeted to a predefined location broader fence as against the city or nationwide targeting. Huge benefits from hyper local advertising:
• Messaging is more relevant and closer to the point of interest.
• Increase conversion rate to maximize ROI
• Build and strengthen customer relationship with location retargeting.

All In One Solution. Value Proposition.
Accuracy GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to determine user’s real location.

Scale Ability to aggregate mobile Ad and other media networks to deliver huge scale on a hyper local level.

Relevance Dynamic banners show distance and store name in real-time. Location based Wi-Fi and video ads are delivered in a non-intrusive way . Beacons passively engage consumers and lead to conversion. Expertise Dedicated savvy team of experts providing consultation for planning, creation, execution and optimization.

One Stop Location Based Advertising Solution.
Creating Awareness & Driving Footfalls
• Awareness
• Familiarity
• Acceptance

Building & Maintaining Custom Relationships: Re-Targeting
• Trial
• Use
• Loyalty

Engaging Consumers &Generating Conversion
• Familiarity
• Acceptance
• Trial

Awareness, Familiarity, Acceptance, Trial, Use, Loyalty, Smart functionality
Click to Call* Automatically connects with consumers Click to Download Click to Map* Increase number of app Directions to nearest installations tore’s or point of sale
Click to Mobile Site/ Landing page*
Click to play Video Increase interaction & engagement
Click to Social Plugins Enable the power of SoLoMo campaigns Easy access page to site/landing Page

Mobile & Web Video (Pre-Roll) and Wi-Fi Display Ads.
How do Video and Wi-Fi Ads Work?
• Leverages GPS and Wi-Fi technology to determine real-time location delivering creative ads at the time. of a customer right place and
• Ads delivered are relevant, engaging and nonintrusive. technology pages. Wi-Fi Ads use an “overlay” on HTML to enable publishing
• Accessible across multiple devices: smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Precise Audience Data Gathering and Targeting.
Discovering An Audience
Location = Identity. Interpreting, storing and using positional information to create unique demographic and geo-behavioral user interest profiles to make smarter and better informed decisions.

Who to Target?
Gaining distinct user profiles by retrieving customer interest from their location history and synthesizing this for relevant audience targeting. Improving consumer reach and measurement across multiple devices.

When and Where to Target Your Audience?
Empowering advertisers with detailed, rich contextual insight of any given location, based on unique user interest profiles, segmented by device, footfall interests and day part.

SUPPORTED TARGETING Select your targeting parameter to capture the audience of your choice
• Location
• Device
• Device Os
• Time of Day Scheduling
• Operator
• On Wi-Fi/Carrier

Geo-Presence and Verticals.
Automotive Banking & Finance Computer & Electronics E-Commerce Entertainment Food & Beverage Gaming Government Service Luxury & Fashion Retail Technology Travel & Tourism Pharma Real Estate